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Telemedicine, one of the hottest emerging sciences in recent years, integrates the fields of medicine, communication, and networking. Telemedicine is a service that closely integrates signal transmission, communication technology, and medical expertise. The purpose of telemedicine is to collect, transmit, process, and store medical information remotely, so that more people can receive the most efficient medical services in a short period of time, regardless of distance. Univiso's multi-link aggregation mobile transmission for telemedicine and can be used in many scenarios of telemedicine.

5G ambulance/low latency

Ambulances are an indispensable part of healthcare. Normal ambulances rush to the scene after receiving an emergemcy call, and when the patient is on board it can only be performed by the emergency physician on the scene. The deployment of Univiso multi-link aggregation equipment on the ambulance can turn a normal ambulance into 5G ambulance. The hospital can match the patient to the nearest ambulance from the time patient starts to make an emergency call, and after the patient gets into the car, the first aid will be implemented, and the emergency docotor is not the only one involved in the first aid, other medical devices will also transmit the patient's ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and other basic information in real time through the Univiso multi-link device. This greatly saves time and provides valuable emergency time for critical patients.


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