Intelligent Industry

   Downhole operation has always been considered a relatively dangerous occupation because of the complex enironment of the well and the difficulty of wiring, the weak resistance of signal to dryness, and the weak penetration ability. And becasue of the network for remote control, requiring workers to go down to the well to carry out operation and dangerous accidents. This has also led to more people being reluctant to join the industry. With the rapid development of 5G technology, 5G base stations are also being used in the mining industry. 5G base stations with Univiso 5G series can better solve the situation of poor signal, difficult wiring, inability to transmit information in real time and unstable transmission screen in the underground.


Equipment maintenace

    Using Univiso series multi-link aggregation technology to collect the undergtound situation, the collected data will be collected and transmitted to the ground command department in real time. Once equipment problems are found, equipment failure videos can be collected and transmitted to experts for analysis, and then the normal use of the instrument can be guaranteed through remote maintenance.


Security Assurance

    Through the video return function of Univiso mobile terminal and GPS positioning, the images seen by the underground workers can be transmitted back to the ground command department in real-time and steadily, and the ground commanders can clearly know the location of each underground worker. This allows the command department on the ground to know the situation in the well in real time, no matter it is a daily situation or an unexpected situation, so as to avoid danger and protect the safety of workers.


Sensor Detection

   Univiso collects data from all knids of sensors in the underground site and then monitors the data back to better understand the condition of the underground environment in real time to ensure the safety of the personnel.


Production System

    Through the cooperation of 5G base station and Univiso equipment, it is possible to realize the unmanned operation of underground coal mining machines, road-heading machines and other machines. The data from the production system is transmitted to the experts on the ground through the Univiso terinal, so that the experts can control the equipment remotely without having to go down to the well to work, thus realizing a safe producation with "less people and no one."


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