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Remote contribution&Content distribution

Broadcasters need to access, network and communicate vast amounts of media from a diverse range of sources - from citizen reporters to satellites - in a timely manner. Multiple local and remote teams require fast, simultaneous access to stored media to process material for delivery to a wide range of platforms and audiences 24/7. 

Univiso i-Mux multi-link aggregation is compatible with a variety of broadcasting and TV station common scenarios, including remote interview of news program, major events broadcasting from different areas, program sharing with different regions,extend video return channel for broadcast van, which can greatly extend the scope of reporters, reduce the dependence on traditional encode and transmit resources. It is more conducive to the cooperation between inside and outside the field, can bring innovative working modes for broadcasting and television stations, greatly improve the production efficiency of programs, and help to create more suitable mode for the requirements of the media era.



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