Offer live sports coverage for television program, on radio, and other broadcasting media. Univiso broadcasting- grade encoding algorithms and more advanced features like Frame-sync,Intercom,Video return,distribute Decode,etc offered professional solutions for many end users in the industry.

• Multicam live production and synchronization

Utilising a number of high quality cameras enables sporting events to be captured from all angles. Thus guaranteeing none of the action is missed from viewers.Univiso mobile live broadcasting system supports multi-camera synchronization output of multiple different frames to meet the needs of switching between shots in multi-frame usage scenarios. The TX will reference the system time as the data PTS of each frame to achieve synchronization SDI output function.


Remote production

Also referred to as REMI, REMote Integration, or at-home production—is a workflow in which live event content is captured and sent via IP links to a centralized production facility where the final program is produced and distributed.

  While some live events may reign supreme among traditional TV audiences, advances in broadcast technology are paving the way for more diversified live online content. As the demand for live events continues to grow, so does the need for broadcasters to produce content that’s as thrilling and action-packed as the concert, game, or competition itself—all while minimizing costs and maximizing resources.

 With REMI, broadcasters can leverage a single production system to work on multiple events in different venues rather than sending an OB truck, crew, and equipment to each event.


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