Wentian Lab Module-live streaming
Release date: Nov 23,2022

    WENCHANG, Hainan — China on July 24 launched Wentian, the first lab module of its space station. The new module will function both as a backup of the core module and as a powerful scientific experiment platform. This is the 24th flight mission since the country's manned space program was approved and initiated. The Wentian module consists of a work cabin, an airlock cabin and a resource cabin.The Wentian Lab Module results are of vital importance to our aerospace development.


    In order to let more people witness this great historical moment together, CCTV News verified the relevant products of several manufacturers during the design stage of the live broadcast program, and finally chose to use Univiso's UV series live broadcast terminals to realize the capture and transmission of multiple live images.

    As the technical partner of this launch event, Univiso used two UV800 for live video and audio transmission at different points according to the stable, low latency and light-weight capture mode proposed by CCTV News.

11111.jpg(Filming location 1: beach - close up live launch moment)

22222.jpg(Filming location 2: on the mountain - live launch liftoff process)


     The UV800 is used to transmit the live images of Wentian Lab Module collected on site to the cloud receiving server, and then the live guide station will switch with the live linking machine through RTMP pulling stream for synchronous guide. After finishing the program production, it will be synchronized live by CCTV news, Xinhua News Agency and other central media.

    The event is based on i-Mux multi-link bonding technology, no additional network security is needed at the event site, the live launch screen is directly transmitted back to the cloud server through i-Mux live terminal, and then pushed to the central program production center, so that all major platforms can live broadcast the event at the same time, so that viewers who do not have the means to reach the launch site can also watch the spectacular scene of the launch of the Wentian.

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