Flood control emergency drill activities-He Fei
Release date: Oct 24,2022


    In order to improve the capability of the flood control and emergency teams, and enhance the people's awareness of disaster prevention and avoidance, June 19, the "An Lan Action-2022" flood control emergency drill organized by the Hefei Flood Control and Drought Relief Command was held in the Hefei Municipal Government Center.


    The exercise pre-set "Hefei into the plum after a number of rounds of heavy rainfall, water levels rise continuously, flood control pressure is severe" scenario, for the flood season may appear in a variety of unexpected situations to simulate the exercise. The purpose is to strengthen the overall flood control plan and the special plan of timely linkage; improve the units in the flood control emergency rescue and emergency response capabilities, minimize casualties and property damage.


    As the organizer of this emergency drill, Hefei Broadcasting and TV Station was responsible for the video connection between the main venue and ten sub venues. After various comparison tests, Univiso became the best solution with its comprehensive performance of supporting stable output of multi-terminal NDI, low-latency aggregated transmission, and real-time two-way communication. The emergency drill was held in the Hefei Municipal Government Center as the main venue, and ten sub-districts were set up for the linked exercise.

    In addition to the outdoor audio and video transmission, the NDI IP transmission protocol was also used on the server side to complete the program transmission from the server side to the console. The NDI protocol provided by Univiso is an ultra-low latency and nearly lossless streaming media protocol for network transmission, which not only eliminates the need for complex SDI wiring on site, but also ensures high quality program transmission with real-time performance.

    In this rehearsal activity, Univiso solution provides guarantee for stable signal transmission, which makes the multi-venue video link picture stable and clear, fully achieving the expected effect of the activity. At the same time, the NDI service protocol in the solution supports up to 16 outputs, which eliminates the installation of multiple servers, reduces the complicated wiring on site, and provides a stable and reliable transmission link at the lowest cost to ensure the success of the final event.

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